5 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Good Attorney

Choosing a reputable law firm to draft the commercial contracts your startup business may need is important. Here are a few reasons to get a good attorney.

Entrepreneurs embarking on the launch of a startup often face an uphill battle, leaving very little room for error. Their financial situation generally dictates that startups adopt an “all hands on deck” approach that requires everyone to wear multiple hats in order to stretch very limited resources far enough to cover all of the essentials. Read More

5 Things Every Startup Should Know Before Hiring an Attorney

Beginning a relationship with a lawyer is an important step for any startup company. Before hiring an attorney, here are a few things to consider.

Beginning a relationship with a lawyer is an important step for any startup. The insights and advice an experienced attorney offers can be crucial to the success of your new business and will pay dividends down the road – especially if you hope to expand. Before bringing on new legal counsel, here are a few Read More

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Startup Company

In the early stages of any business, finding the right people is extremely important. Among the most important of these initial hires are a good accountant and attorney. The need for a good accountant are relatively self-evident – backroom tasks such as making sure the books are balanced, bills are paid and knowing cost and Read More

For New Businesses: Top Things to Watch Out For When Looking For Investors

As a startup or entrepreneur, you know the importance of attracting suitable investors. Here are some things to look for when considering an investor.

Start ups need money, and if you are like most new business owners, that funding isn’t coming out of your own pocket. While there are many ways to attract investors (whether it is through stock and securities offerings or crowdfunding), it is critical in the early stages that you choose only the most suitable candidates. Read More

PPM Drafting: Online Templates Could Be Missing Essential Clauses, Don’t Be Fooled

At PPM LAWYERS, the success of your start up company is our top priority. Online PPM templates, while easily accessible, may be missing essential clauses.

As an entrepreneur or owner of a start up business, you know the importance of balancing your goals with your budget. While it is smart to create a reasonable financial plan, there are some places where you just shouldn’t cut corners. Drafting your Private Placement Memorandum (or PPM) is an important aspect that requires the Read More

Start Up Investment: Then and Now

Over the years, start ups, investors, and solicitation of funds have changed dramatically. Options for businesses and investors have grown and expanded.

When we think of start ups, we often picture a tech company that built its brand online. Nevertheless, this common notion of a start up company has changed dramatically. Keep reading to learn the evolution of start ups and investment throughout time. Before The Dawn of the Internet The Great Depression of 1929 was a Read More

The Details of Crowdfunding and Regulation A+

Regulation A+ and crowdfunding solutions could make the world of business and consumerism a more interconnected place for everyone involved.

Access to reliable and efficient capital is a crucial factor in the growth of any small business. For many, the advent of equity crowdfunding has begun to provide workable solutions, under particular conditions, where small and medium sized businesses can gain more access to investor capital than ever before. Unfortunately, for almost the past century, Read More

Why Investing in Startups Just Got Easier for the Average American

Title III of the JOBS Act opens the door for non-accredited investors to participate in the rapidly growing field of equity crowdfunding.

A recent ruling by the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission will change how everyday American citizens can invest their money. The SEC’s approval of Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) opens the door for non-accredited investors to participate in the rapidly growing field of equity crowdfunding. That will mean Read More

Do You Need To File a Form D?

Some companies have been choosing not to file a Form D when financing, but that could lead to some serious issues in the future.

The most common avenue that non-public companies choose to take when financing their business is to conduct a private placement and rely upon one of the exemptions from SEC registration offered by Rule 506 of Regulation D.  Once the private placement offering is in place, Regulation D requires companies to file something known as a Read More

Why Every Business Using Crowdfunding Should Have a PPM

Crowdfunding entrepreneurs are consistently overlooking the value of PPM - an oversight that could prove to be disastrous.

Successfully raising capital from suitable investors requires careful planning, a selection of crucial documents, and a strategy aimed at convincing others of the value of your offering. Today, one of the most effective means of fundraising for any startup business or entrepreneur comes in the form of equity crowdfunding.  In fact, by the end of Read More

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