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PPM LAWYERS was organized in 2005 to bring the best legal talent, business experience, and financial expertise together under one roof.  We are organized and dedicated solely to preparing the most professional and complete PPM for your business.  Since our founding, our PPMs have been successfully used by startup companies across the U.S. to raise many millions of dollars for their businesses.  And, every PPM from PPM LAWYERS is drafted by an experienced corporate securities lawyer and customized specifically for your business.  We are committed to helping you raise the money you need and providing you with legal excellence in PPM drafting.  Now, you can raise capital with confidence.

PPM LAWYERS was Founded by Erik P. Weingold

Erik P. Weingold

Erik P. Weingold is an entrepreneur and corporate securities lawyer with over 20 years experience under his belt.  He has been practicing law since 1995, and since 1998 has been drafting PPMs that have been used to raise millions upon millions of dollars for startup companies and small businesses throughout the U.S.

Prior to founding PPM LAWYERS, Mr. Weingold rose from associate at his first law firm practice to corporate counsel for a global Fortune 500 company.  Early in his legal career, Mr. Weingold served as General Counsel to a startup encryption software company called Wormhole Technologies, Inc., for which he drafted his first PPM that was used by the company to obtain seed capital financing of over $500,000.

We Know Crowdfunding

Since that time, Mr. Weingold has accumulated over fifteen years of experience in guiding companies through offerings that are exempt from state and federal registration requirements.  His experience includes representing startup companies on federal securities laws and regulations, PPM structuring and preparation, private placements, and crowdfunding, as well as on general commercial and corporate matters.  He has successfully shepherded scores of entrepreneurial ventures through the complexities in their fund raising efforts.  We know crowdfunding, private placements, general solicitation 506(c), Regulation A+ and more.

We Serve Your Industry

Mr. Weingold’s experience covers the representation of clients in a broad range of industries, including, but not limited to, real estate, hedge funds, energy, healthcare, food services, tech, retail, and telecommunications.  Rest assured, we serve your industry.

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