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PPM LAWYERS represents early and development stage and startup companies throughout the U.S. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality and most professional private placement memorandum (PPM) and legal support available, while helping them navigate the complex securities laws governing their private placement and equity crowdfunding efforts.

Our clients understand that they must avoid Big Law fees for this type of service (which can be $25,000 or more), but they also don’t want to settle for a bargain brand or less qualified legal professional.  PPM LAWYERS fills this void by operating one of the only legal services firms in the U.S. that has focused exclusively on Private Placement Law.  We do private placements and equity crowdfunding.  We don’t get distracted by other legal issues or other types of clients.

PPM LAWYERS has become the foremost leader in PPM work through focused experience, expertise, and professionalism, as well as its new-breed approach of super specialization and flat fee pricing.  We are not Big Law, but we’re also not bargain brand or overworked solo practitioner either.

We’re at the forefront of this industry and we are the absolute best solution for the early stage startup company or entrepreneur.

Erik P. Weingold, Founder

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