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Professional experience and service that helped us launch our fund on time and were supportive through the process to help us answer any questions we had. Thanks to the PPM team!

Reviewer Image - Vince Baiera, Jun 6, 2024

I have recently used PPM Lawyers services to assist with the origination and filing of documents for a Reg D filing in N.Y. State. The process was efficient and cost-effective. I would be hard-pressed if anybody found the value Erik and his team provides for the cost. I would recommend PPM for new or experienced capital raisers/allocators. My firm will definitely be using them again.

Reviewer Image - Billy Walsh, Apr 4, 2024

We recently worked with PPM Lawyers to complete our first PPM and LPA. We had a great experience and highly recommend the firm to handle the PPM and LPA along with the other items that come up in starting a fund. Our fund is going out at $150,000,000. The professionalism, knowledge and experience of the firm was in line with our requirements.

Reviewer Image - Howard Akin, Feb 2, 2024

Selenius Holdings Inc is dedicated to establishing itself as a prominent minority/SDVOSB certified entity in the fields of logistics and construction management. Currently seeking to raise $10 million through our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), we opted to collaborate with PPM Lawyers based on strong recommendations and found the experience to be exceptionally positive. The team at PPM Lawyers not only facilitated a smooth and straightforward process but also demonstrated a commendable level of professionalism, focus, and expertise that we truly valued. Working with them was indeed a pleasure, and we appreciate the seamless assistance they provided throughout the engagement.

Reviewer Image - Donte McGaughy, Feb 2, 2024

Fast & efficient and checked all the boxes ! We will use them again ....

Reviewer Image - Jeff Embry, Apr 4, 2023

Erik Winegold is a very smart, conscientious, and honest lawyer. He has done great work at a third of the price we have paid in the past. PPM Lawyers is efficient legal work at its best.

Reviewer Image - Jaime Dermody, Sep 9, 2021

I highly recommend PPM Lawyers. I have formed/forming 3 private placement funds with them, all in the real estate investment sector and PPM Lawyers exceeded my expectations. I searched the country for a flat fee PPM attorney and Erik and Christine do a top notch job. Their focus and professional service make working with them a terrific experience.

Reviewer Image - Jean Klinkhamer, May 5, 2021

I own and operate a private real estate investment firm that offers alternative passive real estate investment services. PPM lawyers is a huge resource for our Company on our legal, private placement and compliance requirements. After meeting with Erik Weingold and his team, going through our needs as a growing company and what specifically Erik could assist with, the choice was easy to have them as our legal team. Our clients, investors and colleagues are highly complimentary to PPM Lawyers when they see the detail, structure and scope of our documents. We've received several applauds on the packages we have had the PPM Lawyers' have put together for us for use. The value of service far outweighs the cost compared to other similar competitors. When we need something from the PPM Lawyers' team we always receive the best quality service, professionalism and integrity. They make it a point to ensure we are completely satisfied. I would highly recommend their services and I am happy to provide a reference for them anytime.

Reviewer Image - John Rubino, May 5, 2021

5 stars!!

Reviewer Image - AnabelleLipton, May 5, 2021

PPM Lawyers have done several PPMs for us. They are extremely responsive and knowledgeable, consistently delivering on time and on budget. We will continue working with them as we take on new projects.

Reviewer Image - Matt Martin, May 5, 2021

I am in a business that requires many hours of lawyers in different states. When I wanted to start my first Fund I asked my local NYC Lawyers who is the best PPM Lawyer. All gave me Erik's name. I have never experianced such customer service and responce rate as I do with Erik. His work is detailed, accurate and affordable.

Reviewer Image - DOUGLAS MUIR, May 5, 2021