What is Profit?

Below is a message I received from one of my mentors (RJon Robbins)—a man who has grown a business from almost zero in 2008 to one that generates nearly $2 million per month today. If you’re going to take advice from someone about what it takes to be successful, take it from someone who is successful.

FROM: RJon Robins
TO: Erik Weingold

Your whole life, you were taught that taking action is riskier than waiting it out.

Your entire life, you were encouraged to avoid risk, to control risk, to manage risk.

But without the risk, there is no profit.

Profit is a byproduct of risk; when profit comes from taking a chance and pays off, it becomes obvious.

What’s not apparent is that profit also comes from taking a chance and failing; if you learn and grow from your failure, if that failure makes you a more capable person, that’s profit too.

People who want to avoid risk misunderstand the nature of profit. The profit comes from every voluntary exchange. When you exchange something you value less to get something you value more, you’ve made a profit. And the risk is present any time you’re offered the opportunity to make an exchange. So, when you eliminate risk, you eliminate the opportunity for profit, too.

There is almost always more risk in not doing than there is in taking action. Action empowers you to make changes. You can’t change direction; you can’t make a new decision to replace an old one, you can’t do anything, if you don’t first take action.

The worst sort of risk you can take in your life is to risk waking up one day not so long from now, but too long after you can do anything about the opportunity that’s in front of you today, with regret.

“Would’a, could’a, should’a” is no way for a person to remember their younger years.

Hesitation causes us to tell ourselves stories about why we should not act. Next thing you know, you’re rationalizing why you didn’t act. Then you’re apologizing for the effects of not taking action. This isn’t a license to gamble or take stupid action. Be thoughtful. Be intelligent. But be in action!

At some point, each of us has to face the same question: are you going to go through life embracing risk so you can make a profit, or are you going to go through life collecting regrets?

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